Building sound understanding of economics

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Welcome to The Economics Circle! 

Trying to get your head around economic theories or wanting to do better in your courses?

Hi! I'm Alex Moseley, PhD. 

I'm a published author, speaker, economist, philosopher, educationalist, and editor of The Economics Circle online magazine. My mission (and passion!) is to help more people learn about  economics and to understand the relationship between economics and their lives. 

Whether you are studying for a course or just want to learn more about connecting the dots between economic logic and your life, business, or the country you live in - I aim to help. 

I want to ensure that you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals and to explore how you can deepen your thinking and writing to score higher and achieve more academically.

Accordingly, I've set up The Economics Circle to help you connect better with economics and connect economics better with your life. 

There's so much to learn, so much technical vocabulary to master and diagrams to get your head around - my aim is enable you to understand the logical flow and the connections economists make. 

Being economically literate is a must in this world!   

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Thanks for checking in! - Alex