Economics Tuition - A-level and Econ 101 courses

If you want to improve your economics grades and understanding of the core principles, I offer three services to help you.

I've been working with students of all abilities and ages for over twenty years (lecturer, 6th Form teacher, and private tutor) - with a Masters in Economics and a PhD in Philosophy, I can help you understand how to get your head around a theory, where theories fit in to the curriculum, how you need to argue and present ideas, and how economics relates to your life and prospects.


Via the sister site, I offer over 120 videos on wide range of key topics covering the A-level curriculum and Econ 101 courses for undergraduates with limited or no experience in economics. 

For a reasonable fee of only £47, you can access the videos in your own time and watch them again and again. And naturally, I'm available to offer more content in case I've missed something!

2) Insights and revision - weekly live webinars

For a membership fee of £30 a month, you get access to live one hour seminars that run weekly through the term times. 

In these sessions, I'll be reviewing foundational concepts that are typically covered in introductory courses and more in-depth analyses of particular topics and issues. These are designed to keep you in touch with what you should know as well as what's currently going on in the world!

To join a webinar please email me with your details for more on times and dates.

3) Online-tuition: one to one sessions

Alternatively, if you want personalised one-to-one tuition, that can also be arranged at £40 per hour. Spaces are incredibly limited so email me if you are interested with what times you may be able to do -  I love to help budding economists!